Completed Banjo

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I have enjoyed this banjo construction project tremendously and had to relearn a lot of things that time has somehow gotten the finer details out of focus but it all came together.  With decades of personal inactivity for musical instrument construction and repair with the motor skills and other things not sharply honed, I am pleased with the outcome of this instrument.  As I stated earlier, I had plans for making my own Porter Flaming Claw Prewartone banjo in the mid 1970s but eventually the recession we had in 1977 resulted in selling my mail order business, equipment, tooling and supplies. 

A special Thank You to the following Craftsmen who provided some technical info and advice when I had a memory lapse:  Jim Yarboro, Harold Chriscoe, Frank Neat, Chris Cioffi, Clarence Hall, Jimmy Cox, Chuck Erikson, David Nichols and I am sure there were others which I have forgotten.

A special thank you to John Bowles for a sound clip of his RB75 DA5055 for web publishing in the Biography page and neck measurements taken from the same banjo of which I targeted very close on this banjo neck after comparing a number of measurements from other pre-war necks which are all over the place.  

Below are a few pixs taken on 11-26-10 and it was hard to get excellent pixs due to the glare from the inlays:

Now the question you are asking yourself; how does it sound?  I would say without the benefit of it fully dialed in yet as far as the ideal set-up, it does have a lot of potential.  I haven't played banjo in about 32 years and only played enough then to know when one was set-up pretty good which is not an excuse for not playing!  Grin if you must!   I plan to have one of my banjo friends record a sound clip for adding here later but until then, I had to do a crash course and learn the basic Scruggs alternating roll again and got a few notes out of Cripple Creek and my fingers were in every place they weren't supposed to be so go ahead listen and crack a big smile; as I say "Grin if you must"!.

Click on the MP3 Icon for a short sound clip of this banjo.  Sound track has some audio clipping too, my bad!

Bill aka Mickey Porter 11-26-10.