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My bride and I finally got our Christmas decor up and running and as we have done the past few years, we tend to scale back due to products of maturity and the date on our birth certificates.........grin if you must.  My bride enjoys the Christmas season tremendously and we both keep elements of Christ in all of our decor both inside and outside since "Jesus is the Reason for the Season."   My bride didn't have any help this year other than myself and as usual,  I did the brawn stuff like setting up the tree and bringing boxes up from the basement, etc., whereas she does the more intellectual and artistic decorating.  It took a little longer without any extra assistance but we managed to get it done nevertheless. 

Our Star of David which is 10 feet across and about 40 feet off the ground was needing some serious renovation this season with one section of lights completely in the dark and about half a dozen or more bulbs burned out in various places.  It has been several years since replacing and repairing the inoperative lights on the Star of David which normally requires the help of a ground person typically called a grunt but didn't have the luxury of a helper.  It took one climb using one of my personal made Porter Hunter's Dream foot climber tree stands to get the Star of David down to the ground and then several more trips up and down the tree to thread a new rope through a pulley affixed to the hanger bracket support member and get the Star of David back onto the hanger brackets once the repairs were made.  I damaged one light bulb fixture while getting the Star back into position and that is one of the hazards without the help of a ground person to keep the Star of David from rotating while hoisting it up to the bracket fixture which requires you to be at least 30 feet off the ground to secure the lower point of the Star of David to the tree.    In the background is a traditional Cross which is also 40 feet above ground but the back yard terrain looses elevation very fast making the cross appear closer to the ground from the angle as viewed in the below pix.  Pix below of the Star of David above the three Peace On Earth angels: 

Most of our Christmas decor both inside and outside has remained unchanged the past 5 to 10 years and each year we downsize a little more but will continue to display the outside decor as long as I am physically able to do so.  In the future, I might have to employ the assistance of a bucket truck to repair and refurbish the Cross and the Star of David.  My comfort zone above the ground is now around 25 feet and 40 feet above the ground brings about some additional prayer for certain!

My bride and I are thankful for each and every day that the Lord allows and I am going to copy and paste something that I wrote in one of my short stories from three years ago which still sums up my view for our Christmas Holiday and Season.


With all the commercialization of our CHRISTMAS Holiday and so many attempting to get on the Political Correctness Band Wagon of not wishing to offend anyone and to me, they have no backbone and don't stand for anything that really matters and are mere puppets; "Pull my little strings and I'll do anything."  Without Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, there would be no Christmas since Jesus is the Reason for the Season!   Whatever your personal Faith and Religion are, it is your choice and right;  I choose to be a Christian!  I have a lighted Star of David and a Cross elevated about 40 feet above ground to give symbolic tribute to Christ and the Christmas Season and several Angels to go along with the traditional seasonal decor.  Laus Deo "Praise be to God."  With that said, below are some pixs of the Porter Home Christmas Yard Decor; Click on the thumbnails for a larger screen view: 

Click on below thumbnail pixs for a larger screen view of our standard inside Christmas decor:

My bride stated that she wanted to changed the entire decor and theme of the Christmas tree next year and I am sure by then she will have new ornaments in order to do so.


My sister Susan Pettigrew of Reidsville, NC called on 12-18-13 and planned to come down with my number One Brother-in-Law, Douglas to place new seasonal flowers on our parents grave and we made plans to have lunch at The River's Edge Restaurant in Cheraw, SC which has fantastic home style seasoned food and a wonderful assortment of fresh home made cakes,  pies,  baked bread and pastries.  Below a pix of us taken at the Porter home on 12-19-13 around 1130ish:

We enjoyed a fantastic meal at the River's Edge and one of their Thursday menu specials was;  baked pork chops in gravy with rice,  collard greens and corn fritters.  There are many Southern Cuisine side dishes to choose from and one will definitely not leave their place hungry by the very generous portions of food plated and served.  The staff are very efficient and one of the owners will definitely take the time to introduce herself if she spots someone she hasn't seen there before.  I highly recommend The River's Edge Restaurant if you enjoy wonderfully prepared Southern Cuisine food.  My bride and I finished off the meal sharing a humongous slice of fresh toasted coconut and pecan cake which was also "off the chain" and we enjoyed a fresh cup of hot black coffee.

My sister recently had her hair shortened from waist length to less than shoulder length and she looks much, much younger for sure.  Welcome to Hollywood!

It really felt like the Christmas Season today enjoying the friendship and fellowship of my Sister and # 1 Brother-in-Law along with my Bride and as I say so many times, "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed: Friendship and Fellowship."

Pix below of Mickey and Joyce taken at The River's Edge courtesy of my lovely and talented sister,  Susan Pettigrew:

We plan to have our annual Christmas Eve finger food party and pass a few gifts around and will post pixs then.


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Below pixs of our Christmas Eve finger food party of which we all had a great time.  Click on thumbnails for a larger screen view:


Below a pix of the work station/food island after the fact.  A big difference from the first pix posted.  Now the fun part of cleaning that crystal back up and storing until needed again..... .....grin if you must!:

Below, before and after Christmas tree also:


We had a fantastic Christmas Eve finger food party and glad that my bride's brother Boyce Adcock was able to attend along with Cris and Shane Hough, Lisa, Steve and Xander Gonzales, Laura Porter, Travis and Trevor Huneycutt.

Our youngest Grandson, Xander McKnight Gonzales had fractured his right arm a few days earlier but it did not slow him down in the least amount.  The best part of Christmas is watching the small kids with such excitement, energy and enthusiasm awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus to bring them gifts.  I can still remember my own excitement back in the early 1950s trying to stay awake at night and catch a glimpse of Santa Claus, his sleigh pulled by the Reindeers with Rudolph and his bright shiny red nose leading the way, stopping on our roof top with Santa Claus to descend down the chimney to deliver the Christmas gifts we had requested which was wonderful and magical indeed, however I never managed to stay awake to witness the event.  It is sad that there are many not able to enjoy such amazing times for whatever reasons.  I am so thankful that our parents (deceased) allowed us to enjoy the secular part of Christmas and at the same time teach us the true meaning of Christmas which my Bride and I have done the same thing with our children.  Our parents enjoyed the Christmas Holidays just as much as we did.


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