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Elizabeth Schafer, owner  and Jeffrey Oliver, wine maker of Southern Medley Wine Cellar located at 118 North Rutherford Street, Wadesboro, NC hosted a chili cook-off on November 10, 2013 from 2 to 6 PM.  

With camera in hand, Bill aka Mickey Porter captured many images of the event although it was very, very hard to pick the camera back up once I started tasting bowls of chili from the six teams that were entered of which I will post those teams shortly but will insert a pix of the facade of Southern Medley Wine Cellar and a close-up: 

Upon entering, I was warmly greeted by Elizabeth Schafer, owner/host and gave her 5 bucks for the bowls and spoon, signed in  and commenced to wander about the place and in anticipation of enjoying some wonderful Chili. 

Below are pixs of the six teams:

John Trotti of Morven, NC with his Veggie chili.....the name is right on the money.....grin if you must!

Stan Wanko with his bride Terri also from Morven

Billy Short, Luian Short and Kim Pew

I got to running my mouth or sampling a bowl of chili and forgot to get a pix of Joe Dutton, Desie Dutton and Jennie Dutton and apologize.  Their chili had a little more heat than the rest of the entries in my humble opinion and was outstanding too!

Caroline and Kevin Needham.  This was my personal favorite chili although it was a close call with two other chilies and each chili entered was excellent.

Jennifer Caruso ladling out some of her "beautimous" "Made with Love" chili.

Below pixs of the chili in their pots and I believe I started with Jennifer Caruso's chili first.  Click on thumbnails for a larger view:

After getting most of the chili pictures taken, it was time to sit down and enjoy six (6) bowls of chili and it was very tough to pick my own personal favorite and finally narrowed it down to two entries.  I went back for a partial bowl of the two that I had picked and then made my decision which was very difficult since they were neck and neck.  I made my personal decision based upon aroma, color, consistency, taste and aftertaste which is pretty much the standard criteria judges evaluate chili, especially the Texas style of chili.  Our Southern style of chili is more or less Chili Con Carne whereas Texas style chili doesn't allow any ground beef, tomatoes or beans, just cuts of beef and spices.  My good friend Jim Yarboro and his bride Carol of Gun Barrel, Texas makes some wonderful Texas chili and will have sides such as chopped onions, beans, grated cheese, etc. if you want to add it to the chili.   My bride and I have a Venison Chili n Beans recipe posted here which works with ground beef as well.

The Southern Medley Wine Cellar has a warm atmosphere enhanced by the lighting and decor which really accents the large open room with plenty of tables and a very long bar with stools.  Both Elizabeth and Jeffrey were busy delivering wine to the crowd and I tasted a burgundy and purchased a glass to go with the chili which complemented it very well.  There were at least 60 plus that attended not counting the contestants and children.  Below are thumbnails pixs taken as I wandered about with camera in hand when I could break away from the chili tasting.........grin again if you must:

There were a few tables set up in front of the Southern Medley Wine Cellar and didn't take long before they were occupied and there were several motorcycles parked close by as well with their riders enjoying some "beautimous" chili:

Brook Crider's friend, Rachel Best was sporting a tea shirt with one of my favorite Geico commercials.  Every Wednesday at the Buff Monkey Fitness Company, I ask Brook "Guess What day it is?" and with no response I will say, Brook, Brook, Brook, Brook, I know you can hear me!

With everyone having enjoyed those delicious and wonderful bowls of Chili, it was time to cast our votes and see who the winners were.  Elizabeth Schafer and Jeffrey Oliver tallying up the votes:

Below is the second place winner, with Desie Dutton of Team Desi receiving their 50 dollar cash prize:

The Fist Place Winner, Team British Invasion Caroline and Kevin Needham receiving their 150 dollar prize:

In Summation, Southern Medley Wine Cellar hosted a great Chili Cook-Off and do hope they will do it again next year.  Drop by and sample their wines in a cozy, charming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere and kick back; take a load off your feet and let the World continue to rotate without worry, fret or fear!

As always, "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever sailed, Friendship and Fellowship."

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 11-10-13.


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