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Several weeks ago, my friend Robert Webster of Hamlet, NC invited my bride and myself to a birthday party aka fish fry for his Aunt Betty Shepard.  The event was to be held at the Maple Street Free Will Baptist Church in Rockingham, NC on February 18, 2017 at 1:00 P.M.

I gladly accepted Robert's invitation and told him I would slack off eating for a few days so as to be real hungry, knowing how good Robert's fish fry's turns out.

My bride and myself left Wadesboro, NC a little after 12 noon and the drive was supposed to be 30 minutes or less, but got side tracked; took the first turn off US Highway 1 South instead of the second road to the left.  It is easy to ascertain why my bride gave myself a GPS unit for Christmas a few years ago, as if I ever get lost and/or disorientated......grin if you must!  Robert did give myself a little verbal harassment beating his gums together aka chin music for not following his directions.

Upon arriving sometime around 12:45 or later, Robert had his cooker all set up near the fellowship hall with fish, hush puppies and French fries going.  There was a wonderful aroma permeating the air and it didn't take too long before I got myself and my bride a sample piece of a White Perch filet which was outstanding.  One thing about Robert Webster, he knows how to prepare some fantastic fish, wild game along with other things as well!  He isn't quite as domesticated in the kitchen as yours truly, but Sandra is getting him there very quickly!


Click on thumbnail pixs below for a larger screen view:

Robert definitely has the equipment to do some serious outdoor cooking along with the experience!


Robert Webster's Dad and his Sister Jackie Rankin.  I met Robert and Jackie at Robert Webster's son, also named Robert at Robert and Sandra's  wedding along with quite a number of the Webster Clan....wonderful loving people.  Robert and Jackie's sister, Lois Honeycutt was also present.



The Maple Street Free Will Baptist Church has a very large fellowship hall and the overhead lighting was excellent for picture taking.  Plenty of room for such an event.

Betty Shepard's young Great Grandson gave a wonderful prayer to bless the food and the occasion.  I was very impressed with that young man which speaks volumes of good things about his parents.  Yours truly, lead everyone in singing Happy Birthday to Betty!

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Below pix of my beautiful bride since 1968 and she is still the love of my life!

Pix below of my plate.....I didn't have to go back for seconds!


Betty Shepard with a good grin going there.  I wish Betty many more birthdays to come.  We don't know what tomorrow holds for any of us, but we can all have the assurance of a heavenly home if we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  To quote one of my departed friends Bill Escott, "Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift and Tomorrow is a Mystery."

After enjoying that wonderful meal and a couple of very tasty desserts including a piece of Sandra Webster's cream cheese cake, "I was tight as a Georgia tick on the back of a coonhound in the month of July."  Robert's Dad and myself had an enjoyable chat........we both love woodworking!

I got a pix of Robert Webster with some flour and/or corn meal on the tip of his nose and could not pass up the opportunity to post it on here.  When I use flour and/or corn meal, it seems to go everywhere!

Below is what one of the serving tables looked like at the duration of the birthday party:

The above pix speaks for itself.  The food was awesome.

In closing, Robert counted 62 adults and about 12 children that attended Betty Shepard's birthday party.  I got a chance to meet Robert's family members again and share a most wonderful event.  As I say so many times on this website; "Two of the Greatest Ships that ever Sailed, Friendship and Fellowship."

Family and friends certainly do make life worthwhile.

Again, a special Thank You to Robert Webster for inviting my bride and myself and we enjoyed every minute of the birthday party.


God richly bless each and every one of you!

Bible Verses About Christian Fellowship, open this link.

Web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 02-18-17.

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