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Back in August of 2005, our East Coast grand boys Travis Lee and Trevor Lane Huneycutt wanted to do some back yard camping and I got out a late 1970's model Hillary tent sold by Sears and the essentials like sleeping bags, etc.  I believe the boys just wanted to "play" in an open fire roasting marshmallows and wieners more than anything else.  I planned to give all the camping equipment to our oldest daughter for the grand boys to have some outdoor fun camping and this was a good time to start rounding up the stuff that had been stored for decades and surprisingly, the tent and sleeping bags and the rest of the stuff was still in excellent shape.  That tent had endured many horrendous rain storms and a nearby tornado while camping on Blewett Falls Lake, Pee Dee River, Anson County, NC at our ole camp site on the adjoining property of the late Jerry Ingram of which the locals and us referred to that particular camp as Porter's Point.  I will insert some pixs of the campsite however, the grand boys stayed no later than 11 PM in the tent and opted to go back inside the home where the cool air was in full stride.  I can't much blame them because it was one of those very high temperature days with the humidity level at the torture level.

The ole Hillary tent looks good as new after 25 years of use and storage and only had one or two small places on the floor that needs a small patch or two.  We pitched this tent on the lower side yard or should say lower dirt drive way where we held our Halloween parties.  After scratching my head a time or two, the assembly procedure to get the tent pitched came back with a few trial dry fit of a couple of the tent telescopic tubular support members.

Another view of the lower "back yard camping" area. There is an old time "tire swing" in the wood for the kids too.

Camping without a good slow burning wood fire is near sacrilegious.  I believe my old technique of starting a fire is the tepee or pyramid  method which creates a natural drawing action upward from the base of the fire.  Oh well, it sounded good anyway.

Travis and Trevor doing a "Fire Dance" under the close supervision of yours truly.  Kids have to learn a healthy respect for fire but the pix might be paradoxical to what I just said.


Marshmallow roasting time! They are making "smores" which is Graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate and a marshmallow. 

Those grand boys don't have to be told to keep a safe distance from the fire....that part is self correcting...grin if you must!

Looks like the cedar logs are giving off an ember shower which is very common for cedar wood; smells "beautimous" and looks lovely burning too.


Joyce aka "Tweet" with Trevor Lane Huneycutt.

Looks like the humidity is leaking out of my ole camouflage tee shirt for sure.

Like, I said earlier; the boys and us retired to the tent around 11 PM and it wasn't but about 15 to 30 minutes before they wanted to go back inside where it was much cooler and they didn't get an argument from myself either....sounded like a plan to me for sure.  Later, all the camping gear was loaded up on our daughter's full size truck and it was loaded to the gills so to speak....had a couple gas Coleman cook stoves, camp oven, cast iron cookware, metal cooking grid for open fire, large griddle for open fire and camp stove, regular cookware, 50 flush Porta potty and chemicals, portable shower, self supporting screen type tent, regular Hillary tent, sleeping bags, tarps, several custom made equipment boxes and a few of the old time hard storage trunks and not to mention several of the Coleman lanterns and a pile of wicks and spare parts for the stoves, etc.  

Our son has continued to keep the outdoor theme alive with his sons Will and Jake on the West Coast having fallen in love with the State of California while he was in the U S Navy and they spent much quality time together trail bike riding and camping in the outdoors in addition to other sports.  Visit his website at:

Bill aka Mickey Porter 08-24-08 


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