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That time of the year for hunting with the old bow and arrow finally arrived today.  After much practice, well not too much and putting new gizmos on the bow and getting all the last minute equipment checks and hoping nothing was forgotten, the opening morning finally seemed to take forever to get here.

With hurricane Isabelle out in the Atlantic and slowing heading our way, the wind this morning was variable and coming from the North East and then would sneak in from the South West which was not that great for my current stand location.

I got on stand about 0545 and around 0630 I saw a couple dark shadows that appeared to be deer helping them selves to some corn about 12 yards out in front of my stand location but they silently vanished into the shadows before it was light enough to shoot.  I could probably have made the shot but I did want to risk a miss or worse a crippling shot.  At around 0730 a large doe was coming off the hillside and winded me and gave a horrific loud snort and I almost came off the tree stand seat.  I saw a total of 6 deer but they all stayed out of bow range due to the wind swirling around; they knew something was not right.

I got on stand this afternoon around 5:45 and the wind was much calmer and coming out of the North East but didn’t appear to be swirling around.  A single doe came into the feeding station around 6:32 and I had a good 12-yard broadside shot and took the shot about 4 minutes later.  The doe was hit high behind the left shoulder and exited at the right front elbow going through both lungs. She ran over the ridge and I heard her when she crashed down which was around 60 to 80 yards away.

Below is pix at the harvest site:

The new EO Tech, Inc. Holographic (Holo) sight I believe is going to be a “keeper”.  I used an UltraDot and Bracklyn Hi-Tech scope mount for 9 years on the Mach6 and finally had to replace the UltraDot because the rheostat switch contacts were going intermittent and didn’t want to chance using it this season and decided to upgrade to the Holo sight

That bright red spot to the right of the bow is a bunch of frothy lung blood.  A deer can’t go to far when its transmission is knocked out.  I normally keep my Randall made knife in the small outside pocket of my back pack and forgot to zip the thing back up and will have to back track tomorrow and see if I can locate a MacGyver Swiss Army knife that I lost.  I had the Randall in the case in one of my pants cargo pockets.  The knife has a belt loop on the holster and it would seem like a bell would ring sooner or later to carry the knife on my side but old habits are hard to break.

The temperature was around 82 degrees this afternoon and I was soaking wet when I got her field dressed and loaded up but it was still very much enjoyable to be out in woods perched about 20 feet off the ground watching all types of wildlife.  The mosquitoes were not as bad as I thought they would be and didn’t risk putting any insect repellent on to avoid spooking the deer.  Below pix of the hind quarters and loin strap ready to age a few days in my basement game refrigerator which should make some good eating:

Written by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 09-13-03 and web published on 07-03-13.


Our 2003 Archery season has been plagued by extremely hot weather and the deer are feeding mostly at night.  What few deer I have seen coming to my feeding station has either "busted" me by bad wind changes or I moved at the wrong time at about prime time when the deer were sneaking in unannounced which happens very often. 

There is one doe that is very wise to my hunting platform stand feeding station and the timber was recently thinned pretty heavily after the blizzard we had in 2000 and left the view of my stand in the open when looked upon from the ridge line straight up the hillside at a plateau which is at least 80 yards in the distance.  One doe in particular has figured out an antidote to keep from getting an arrow launched at her.  What she will do,  is circle my entire hunting stand and get down wind to pick up my scent and if that doesn't work, she will remain at the top of the ridge and look straight down an ole logging skidder road that terminates in front of my tree platform stand.  If something doesn't look or smell right, she will immediately give out the snorting alarm which can be heard at least 1/4 mile away if the wind direction is right. 

The only way to harvest that particular doe was to outsmart here and so far she has been smatter than myself.  My plan of attack was to set up a portable tree stand at the ridge line and plateau and hopefully intercept the doe while she was looking at my tree stand platform from her position.  On the afternoon of 10-03-03, I packed my portable tree stand up the ridge and plateau and had a tree in mind to get into but after surveying the scene, another tree offered a much better view of the area since I didn't know exactly the direction and trails the deer were accessing the ridge line;  I would look up and there the doe would be looking straight at my platform tree stand trying to figure out if something didn't look right.  I got the portable standing set up and climbed up about 25 feet giving me a good view of the area and the large diameter white oak tree offered me a pretty good concealment due to its size.  After getting settled in and pulling my bow and back pack up the tree, I felt very confident that this strategy would be successful.

The wind direction was from the North which was in my favor if the deer came from my right and at around 7:00 PM, two does about the size of the one harvested circled the ridge and a yearling that was out of the spots was with them also.  The doe sensed that something was not just right because I had walked across the trail the doe used when she circled the ridge line but my scent wasn't  strong enough to spook her.  She stopped behind a very small sapling with her vital area directly behind it and I was standing on my tree stand and it seemed like five minutes had passed before she took a step forward giving me a clear broadside shot at her heart lung area.  I slowly drew the heavy cam bow back, anchored and let the Holo sight settle down and released the arrow which looked like a very good hit.  I stepped the yardage off from the tree I was planning on setting up on and she was a couple yards in front of it which was around 18 yards. 

I watched the deer after the arrow hit and she ran into some cover and I heard her when she fell down and kicked a few times and the other two deer stayed within about 40 yards and I waited until dark before I came down out of the tree not to spook the other deer.

It was nearly a mistake to wait because when I retrieved my arrow there was a little blood on the ground but no blood trail.  I went straight to the position I had mentally marked and had to make about 4 or 5 laps "criss" crossing trying to find the deer.  I left my bow and back pack near a large pine tree and lost them for a while also  I finally hung a small Mini Mag flashlight which is a piece of junk; a lightening bug puts out more light than those things.  I definitely plan to replace my Mini Mag flashlights in the very near future for something that will put out more light, yet small enough to back to my story.  I finally kept making laps back and forth into the cover and actually "stumbled" onto the doe.  I saw the reason why there wasn't a blood trail; the exit hole was two (2) inches higher than the entry hole which the arrow planned upward for whatever aerodynamic reason.  After tagging and field dressing the doe, the drag down the hill was not too bad but very rewarding. 

The temperature was around 58 degrees and is going to be in the mid 40's according to the Weather Prophets, therefore let her hang overnight with the hide on and process her in the morning.  There should be some very good venison after quartering her up and letting her age for four or five days in my basement game refrigerator.

Well I had better get off her...this story is taking on a novel like form..

Below pix of harvested deer with the PSE Mach6 bow and Holographic Sight:

Written by Bill Porter on 10-03-03 and web published by Bill aka Mickey Porter on 07-03-13.


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