Adcock Family Reunion 2003

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Today is October 16, 2016 and I am continuing to post archived pixs from back-up CDs and DVDs made before this website was created in 2007.  The pixs will have to speak for themselves because I do not have any details annotated other the file tag storage data.

The event was held in Lancaster, SC on 03-29-2003 at one of the Church fellowship buildings if memory is correct, but I plan to ask Frankie Beachum since this might have been their Church facilities.  Whether a family reunion or just a family get together, I really don't know.

Below is a pix taken in 1969 of the immediate Adcock family members in front of Nellie and Henry Adcock's home before Henry retired and they moved to Florida.  They lived in Florida for one year and then moved back to Wadesboro, NC living on Moore Street until their death.  Moore Street is behind our home on the far side of a track of land that was owned by the B. C. Moore and Sons estate.

I have a good number of pixs of the Adcock Klan taken over the years and they are posted on one of my short stories titled:  Adcock Family Images which is hyperlinked to the page.

Click on the below thumbnail images for a larger screen view:


Vernon Harris provided the entertainment and Melita Harris was the Master of Ceremonies and also got in on the act doing a "head stand" along with Vernon.

Two of the family members in the above pixs are deceased, being Ron Carland and Roy Mosteller.  The crowd was small and two families had to drive a considerable distance to get to Lancaster, SC and that was Roy and Aline Mosteller, Bobby and Bernice Talent.

I have attended several of the Adcock and Smith Reunions long before the digital camera age came about and I am sure I have 35mm slides that I need to scan and convert to digital images.  I do have many images digitized of the Adcock/Smith Reunion of 1984 on the Adcock Family Images page.

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