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Bill Porter and 17 Point Muzzle Loader Deer harvested in 2001, 160 Yard Quartering Away Shot.


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A few horns, spurs and long beards harvested.


Pix of a view from one of my all-time favorite hunting tree stands.  Harvested many a deer from this stand with rifle and muzzle loader.  Stand was 20 feet above ground level giving me a 300 yard plus shot across the field and 125 yards to the oak tree island near the middle of the field.  Hunted this field/pasture  for 17 years before the land owner Mr. Pines Davis passed away!  Mr. Davis was in his low 90's and could accurately remember dates and events like it was yesterday. 

Aerial photograph of the Davis Land taken before the airport runway expansion.  Pilot was "Wild Bill" Escott.  The oak "island" is clearly visible in the center of the picture.  See first pix for a ground view.

Above pix doing a quick check of the point of aim of an ole left hand Remington BDL in .270 Win. caliber.  You can see the large oak tree in the right hand corner of this pix.  The ole blue GMC has hauled many a deer from this field and finally let my brother have it for parts for a racing transmission component.  The truck body and bed looked like it had been attacked by a swarm of giant mutant moths sporting diamond and carbide teeth that had a taste for sheet metal.  The ole truck in a prior life had apparently hauled some corrosive farm elements such as nitrogen fertilizer, etc. 


Pictures of  barn  taken in 2001 and barn was later removed by the new land owner of the ole Davis Land.  Logged many miles walking across this pasture turkey and deer hunting.