2005 Gobbler Harvest

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Pix of 20 lb. gobbler taken this morning April 12, 2005 around 8:19 AM.....his beard is 11.5 inches long and the spur length is 1 inch and 1/16.  The other pix shows how close the turkey was to the decoys.  I have only heard two toms gobbling so far this season and they were a good ways off.  I went yesterday morning and heard one gobble around 7:10 A.M. and he answered my call but he would not come in. 

I relocated on him this morning or where I though he was and didn't hear a single gobble.  I set up at two different places and made some sweet seductive yelps on the ole mahogany box call but nothing would respond. 

The second time I relocated, I again set up the hen decoy and the young jake decoy and after the first series of yelps I heard a hen yelp behind and to the right of my position....my first thought was, dang there is another hunter in here close to me because it really didn't sound that good of a yelp for a turkey.  Another short two note type yelp was heard and I heard movement coming to my position.  I was set up for the turkeys to come in front of the decoys but it doesn't always go as planned.  I could tell the noise in the woods were turkeys running and they kept getting closer and closer.  The first turkey to come out from my right side was about 15 yards from me and his waddles were crimson red and his head was bright blue and white.  He immediately went right up the jake decoy less than two feet from the decoy and bowed up a little, turned his head sideways and did a little head bobble to intimidate the jake but the jake decoy stood his ground.  I didn't turn my head to see what other birds were coming out since this ole boy was a keeper and  aligned the green and red tru-glo sights on the gobbler's head and fired the Remington 11-87 super magnum with the Remington # 5 hevi-shot and it just about took the turkeys head off...the turkeys behind and to my right flew and ran off but the ole boy in the picture is in the refrigerator waiting to be marinated before deep frying in the very near future.

PS  I could not grin real big or at all; my store bought teeth were still in the soak tank at home.  Still, not bad for a self-portrait! 

The below pix is where the ole Gobbler fell.  He was closer to the decoys but the shot knocked him away from them some!

Below is pix of the turkey breasts ready for vacuum packaging for later usage.

The turkey breast fillets weighed 5 pounds total.

Later, Bill aka Mickey Porter

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